As I’m sure you are aware inflation rates in the UK are at an all-time high, with a recorded 7.5% increase since last year being the largest in 40 years. This is leaving many people not able to afford their basic needs and could lead to widespread poverty.​​​​​​​
This is an issue which needs addressing across the board from governments to big brands.
Therefore, there should be a new approach to advertising to reduce costs and help people, compared to just enlightening them about a new product or app release.
This is where I introduce you to GiftGaff...
This campaign will utilise the giffgaff phone economy, where they find old second-hand phones that would otherwise go to landfills and find them a new purpose, fighting back again electrical waste (E-waste). 
The insight is that families on average spend £1,181 on their child's phones until the age of 18 which is quite a cost, especially with the rate of inflation at present. 
 So, this campaign will give away free phones to those under 18 that are collected by giffgaff and aim to reduce these living costs.
We will use our hero max, who couldn’t afford a phone when he was younger and felt excluded and lost because of this... ​​​​​​​
Now he has set himself a goal to deliver as many free phones to children across the UK as possible.
The campaign will take over eBay, so when anyone searches for cheap second-hand smartphones, they will be shown an array of phones completely free provided by Max. ​​​​​​​
There will also be discounted contracts for those under 18 to reduce these costs further.
Finally, giffgaff wants to tell everyone about this initiative, to both hand in their old phones and show how many families have been helped through this through a count up clock showing how many phones have been given out. ​​​​​​​
The aim is to make living costs just that little bit easier for families which are most affected, while also helping the planet with electrical waste.
Thank you
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